Penny Lee,
CreativeMornings/Sheffield host

In 2008, Tina Roth Eisenberg started CreativeMornings™ out of a desire for an ongoing, accessible event for New York’s creative community. The concept was simple: breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month.

Believers in the power of these morning get-togethers, we are here to celebrate and share creative thinking. To bring what started in NYC to fresh creative thinkers of the city of Sheffield. CreativeMornings/Sheffield provides a platform for creators, enterprisers and doers to share their stories. For audience members to hear first-hand how ideas are turning into realities.

We are building an encouragement network of positive actions and change … all by 10:00am. This happens over fresh coffee and the odd doughnut in some unexpected and inspiring spots around the city. All made possible with the generosity of spirit that is our sponsors and the growing #CMsheffield community.

Looking forward to seeing you there one morning, everyone is truly welcome.

Penny Lee,
CreativeMornings/Sheffield, Host

The Team

Each month is brought to you by a team of dedicated volunteers.
Here we are captured by the remarkable Lisa Maltby.

Penny Lee / Host @thebranddirectoress
Brand direction for kickass women in business. Loves bringing interesting people together for some worthwhile connecting. Co-owner of Little Pip.

Helena Dolby / Photographer @helenadolby
Helena is a lifestyle and editorial photographer who can generally be found snapping people, places and good food. A lover of nature, travel and being outside. She also instigated this whole book!

Rich Wells / Team Hero @richwells
Rich is really good at making websites, and drawing, and drawing on websites. He works with startups, charities (like Christian Aid, Raspberry Pi Foundation & Eden Project) and small children.

Matt Bell / Videographer @makeitmatteblack
Drone Pilot. Filmmaker. Photographer. Award winning entrepreneur and the force behind Matte Black striving to create captivating digital content.

Molly McGreevy / Wordsmith @mollymcgreevy
A Sheffield journalist who has the pleasure of writing about the places, people and events that make our city great. When Molly’s not live tweeting on behalf of CreativeMornings, she’s instagramming about her cat.

David Edwards / Breakfast Man @davidwordscount
Website designer and copywriter. David has written for the Guardian, Sheffield Telegraph, and lots of cycling magazines. Previously, he ran charities and he’s still heartbroken over his failed attempt at a modelling career.

Lucy Davies / Morning Greeter @websitesbylucy
Lucy works with small businesses and bloggers, helping them to create and maintain websites that work for their businesses, bringing them leads and customers.

Jack Martindale / Team Intern @mdale_art
A final year illustration student based in Sheffield. Jack is curious, intrigued and wants to explore. Runner, baker, mountaineering. ‘It’s a big world and I just want to dive in!’

Mak Mulenga / Social Media @therealbembaprince
Copywriter and Social Media Maverick. Specialising in writing great content for businesses and individuals. Mak loves cooking, eating great food. He can also be bribed with an Oat Milk Flat White!

Iain Broome / Podcaster @very_meta
Freelance writer, editor and content producer. Developing content strategies, turning complicated ideas into plain English and writing thoughtful copy for print and screen. Actual novelist.


Creative Direction & Design Penny Lee

Photography Helena Dolby

Illustrations Rich Wells

Words Molly McGreevy & Penny Lee

Team portraits Lisa Maltby

Artwork Leanne Mallinder

Print ASAP

Website build Lucy Davies