Oliver & David
Side by Side

This morning was generously hosted by Kelham Island Museum.

‘There’s something in our hearts that makes us want to get away from computers and make stuff.’

Oliver & David AKA Side by Side are a design studio specialising in identity design and bespoke typography. They create exciting brands for forwardthinking companies. They like to blur the boundaries between work and play, they’ve found that’s where the most exciting things happen.

Lifelong friends Oliver Booth and Dave Greasley grew up together, studied apart, and came back together to start Side by Side. Brought together by a shared desire to just start doing things, Oliver and Dave did exactly that.

‘If you do good shit, more good shit will come.’

The good shit began small, with a cluttered studio that soon grew into a workshop next door, then came jobs for Sainsbury’s, and a project with Sheffield City Region. Then something entirely otherworldly…

Side by Side were tasked with creating the Grimm & Co world. From black market meat sellers behind tiny doors to secret doors concealed in a bookcase to a slide disguised as Jack’s beanstalk.

Grimm & Co is a Magical Apothecary in Rotherham. A charity which works to improve the literacy skills of children through workshops and a shop, which exclusively sells the essentials for magical beings. Though humans are welcome to purchase too, of course.

‘We loved the Grimm & Co story, and so decided to write it on every wall in the ‘Imagination Room’. This room is the first area humans enter, once they travel through the secret door on their way to the writing centre. It took three full days and approximately 40 Posca pens to complete – but well worth the effort.’

They have helped to create a world to ignite imaginations and help kids fall in love with reading and writing. They used creativity and craft, rather than computers and programmes, and made something to help the town for years to come.

‘You have created something profoundly astonishing in the heart of our town’
– Teacher, Year 5.

Grimm & Co is still helping kids, with profits made from the shop funding the charity’s work.


A craft is the instrument in which the authenticity of your being is communicated. Your craft is like a portal to your inner world, and as an artist, it’s your duty to pull it out of the vortex. Craft is a catalyst for our identity and the soil for the sake of meaning.

Craft encourages us to find who we are and become influenced by our values, trust, thoughts and observations of the work we bring – and not the other way around.

This morning was generously hosted by Kelham Island Museum.