Mark Musgrave
Printed By Us

This morning was generously hosted by 99 Mary Street.

‘Say hello to people. It sounds daft, but that actually does really make a difference.’

Mark Musgrave AKA Printed By Us is a freelance designer and doer. He is the founder of ethical adventure apparel brand The Level Collective and the man who conceived Printed By Us.

Printed By Us run screen printing workshops for vulnerable people in Sheffield who may have experienced homelessness or other complex issues, who want to learn new skills and move towards employment. They create artwork in collaboration with some of Sheffield’s finest designers and then hand screen print artwork, sell the prints. Then run more workshops.

‘Designed by Sheffield artists, Printed By Us’.

Printed By Us started life at Yoomee, a digital agency based in Sheffield which uses technology for social good. Life at Yoomee involved Investment Time which encouraged team members to work on their own ideas and internal projects for social good. Mark developed the Printed By Us idea with colleagues during his time working for Yoomee. He has taken the idea forward through a series of co-creation workshops involving Cathedral Archer Project service users.

Mark spoke with people who were homeless or vulnerable and soon realised he wanted to make a longer term impact, beyond giving out food. Whilst the issues were complex, and everybody had their own story, complete with their own problems, one thing did bring people together. People wanted to be involved in something, to volunteer, to contribute, to feel purposeful and useful.

‘I was hoping to basically solve homelessness, but it turns out it’s actually a bit more complicated than that.’

Homelessness is a modern taboo. We see people sleeping on our streets, buy them a sandwich, but how often do we go beyond. Printed By Us tackles that taboo, engaging homeless and vulnerable people to give them hope, purpose and a chance to try again.

‘Hope trumps despair.’

The project has had a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing for all those involved. Two members of the team joined the morning to screen print exclusive prints for Sheffield’s creatives, featuring a design by Rich Wells. The message?

‘Just take the next step.’

Taboos are a social glue that makes life liveable wherever we go.

We invent the reasonings that, over time, coalesce to create the societal fabric of norms, permissions, and prohibitions.

While many taboos keep the world spinning, there are many rusty ones that are delaying it from evolving. And although we’re hardwired to stand before the edge of taboo, there are others who have gone over it.

This morning was generously hosted by 99 Mary Street.