James Wilson
The Sleep Geek

This morning was generously hosted by Brocco on the Park.

‘You’ve got to understand who you are as a sleeper and then you can start making better decisions.’

James Wilson AKA The Sleep Geek is a sleep behaviour and environment expert who helps people sleep from cradle to grave. The third generation in his family to be involved in the production of sleep products, James used to be embarrassed by his insomnia, but in his mid-twenties, found the drive to solve his problem, and trained as a practitioner to help others.

James is committed to improving the nation’s sleep also acting as a spokesperson to raise awareness about the huge impact poor sleep has on both our emotional and physical wellbeing. Recognising the importance of good sleep to business, with a focus on work within start-ups, health tech and working with companies to help their staff sleep better.

‘When people sleep better, they work better.’

James is widely recognised for his work, most recently appearing on More 4’s TV series The Secrets of Sleep, an ambitious documentary series helping some of the nation’s worst sleepers to conquer their sleep disorders.

James founded The Sleep Lab to help create better sleep environments. To train people to sleep better including working with athletes to use sleep as recovery. He helps people find their own sleep rhythm. The Sleep Lab collaborates with experts and offers them expertise in sleep technology, digital health, product development and behavioural change to create products and services that solve the sleep crisis the world faces.

‘Most of the big human-made disasters have been caused by lack of sleep.’

In an effort to reduce the number of sleep related human-made disasters, and improve the health and wellbeing of people across the world, James’ Sleep Lab works with organisations to help them be more compassionate about their employees to improve their sleep.

We all sleep, but everyone does it differently. How do we show more compassion? Understand our sleep, and the sleep of those around us. Support our communities to get more sleep – family, workplace, educational establishment and social groups. Allow for differences in routine.

‘Respect sleep and give it the space it deserves.’


Compassion is a pause button that reminds us of a fundamental truth: we’re all stumbling and nobody has it figured out. The best part about compassion is that it’s a learned trait and the more we practice accepting others the sooner the easiest it becomes to accept ourselves.

When this is at the forefront of our minds, we give people a chance to show up and be seen. When in doubt, the answer is compassion.

This morning was generously hosted by Brocco on the Park.