Geo Law
Doodle Club

This morning was generously hosted by Sheffield Institute of Arts.

‘I’m sure all of us miss being kids, where you could create and make your work without anyone asking you what’s the point?’

Geo Law AKA Doodle Club has been drawing since childhood, inspired by cartoons, comics and video games.

A childhood spent drawing led to a degree in Graphic Design. Whilst at university, Geo found new interests – avant-garde hip-hop, screen printing and anime joined the growing list of influences. Another influence was good grades. Keen to impress his tutors, Geo was creating work he thought they wanted to see.

‘I was chasing a grade and I didn’t realise I could create something more about me than the reaction I wanted.’

After graduation Geo shunned London for Sheffield, working three jobs and drawing whenever he could, including helping kids design and create their own t-shirts.

Geo didn’t hit the ground running. He meandered for four years, taking the scenic route. An advocate of stepping away from the desk and travel. Lots of travel. Always with a sketchbook or camera in hand. It was the people Geo met, the places he visited and the walls he doodled that made him the illustrator he is today.

‘You can always go from A to B but you can also just go “what’s down that wood there” or “over that bridge there”. It’s a little bit more interesting.’

After promoting his artwork on MySpace, then Instagram big brands including Disney, Facebook and Google got in touch, flying Geo around the world to draw for them.

In 2018 Geo set up Doodle Club and more than 100 people turned up at the first event to enjoy drinking and drawing. Doodle Club soon went international when Disney asked Geo to host a special event for their illustrators at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Los Angeles. Whilst he was there he had the chance to have a dig through their actual archives and to create one of the largest murals he has made to date on the wall of their studios.

‘Your work is your lifestyle and then your lifestyle allows you to meet some incredible people.’

The challenge with restarting is that we often save it for the end rather than creating pockets throughout our weeks where we prioritize reflection and solitude.

Restarting is essential. It’s a way to digest experiences, reflect and cultivate selfawareness, and remind ourselves that life is to be enjoyed. It’s refreshing and feeds greater intention and momentum into our creative endeavours.

This morning was generously hosted by Sheffield Institute of Arts.