Auriel Majumdar
I am Auriel

This morning was generously hosted by Picture House Social.

‘Pioneering in the past, present and future.’

Auriel Majumdar AKA I am Auriel grew up in Rotherham, where she learnt quickly how to be quiet and studious. Until the age of 19 she was set to be the eleventh generation doctor in her family, until she decided she didn’t want to do that. She still had the same spark of creativity in her heart which had seen her win poetry prizes before she was 11, she wanted to pursue that spark.

‘It was the first time I said no, my first frontier.’

In the 1980s Auriel moved to Sheffield, threw herself into the music scene and became part of a huge a counter culture which stuck two fingers up to Thatcher. She met friends and her husband through late nights and dancefloors. Auriel’s creativity was sparked once again.

‘Did we change the world? Through music and dancing? Well, my world changed.’

Auriel noticed that despite Sheffield’s music scene being filled with incredible women doing incredible things, their stories were never told. Sheffield’s women were not being represented as equally as their male counterparts and Auriel decided to do something about it.

Back in 2015 Auriel flash-mobbed social media with #sheffieldgirl. The city’s timelines were filled with stories of female pioneers. Musicians, artists, promoters, writers, filmmakers and business heads all doing fantastic things.

At 50, Auriel broached another frontier and left a prestigious position as Head of Business Development at Sheffield City Council to set up in business herself. To reconnect with the voice inside and take a big leap into the unknown. Auriel discovered coaching and it changed her world.

‘To find a vocation that late in life is astonishing to me… I went out there and did it and just never looked back.’

Giving rise to that inner voice and feeling free from self constraints and judgment.

‘It’s my wide open space, where I just look up and I have no idea what’s up there, but I’m coming up to find out.’

Auriel has also returned to poetry. She reads a poem she wrote to her audience that morning. It’s final words?

‘I believe we are all pioneers.’

Pioneers shatter expectations, widen boundaries, and reveal new possibilities in life.

You might be on the edge of pioneering something new; only time and your relentless drive to create against all odds will determine that. We look towards pioneers to bring us to new discoveries, domains, and knowledge about ourselves.

Pioneering is moving beyond settled spaces. Pioneers go beyond home.

This morning was generously hosted by Picture House Social.