Aimee Harrison
Line Cut Supply
& Tom Tobia

This morning was generously hosted by Roco Creative Co-op.

‘I want to enable people to do the important things in their life, to feel confident and comfortable at the same time.’

Aimee Harrison AKA Line Cut Supply is the maker of beautiful, ethical, handmade workwear for women. Aimee fell in love with the tailoring and making involved with clothes whilst based Portland in the US. With a background in the digital world, working at AKQA as a senior digital producer with clients including Nike, Aimee joined the Pattern Making course at Portland Fashion Institute.

‘I really like making clothes. I especially like making clothes that last.’

She creates clothes that work hard, flatter and function. When she’s not making clothes, Aimee recognises and champions women, from the past, present and those who will be wearing her clothes in the future.

Aimee’s #WomenOfSteel talks took a moment to recognise strong women and their role in manufacturing today. With a legacy of strong and powerful women in Sheffield, she believes it is as evident and important as ever.

We tend to measure our lives by days or years, but what we cherish in memory are the moments that define us. The challenge of our times is not to chase right after moments, but learning to embrace the one we have right now.

This morning was generously hosted by Roco Creative Co-op.

This morning was generously hosted by Yoomee.

‘Makerversity is a pioneering community of maker businesses.’

Tom Tobia AKA Makerversity cofounder is a creative entrepreneur, who has recently been selected as one of the world’s top cultural innovators by the British Council.

Tom has helped to develop products, projects and organisations across the world. He is on the Mayor of London’s advisory board for workspace, is a TEDx speaker, an RSA Design Award winner and is a Trustee of Yorkshire Artspace. Tom’s work has been exhibited at the Design Museum, Barbican and the V&A. He has written for industry-leading publications and is a Guinness World Record holder – he created the largest man-made bee habitat in the world.

In 2013 Tom founded Makerversity, one of Europe’s most exciting communities of creative start-ups for emerging maker businesses. With campuses at Somerset House, London and Marineterrein, Amsterdam, Makerversity provides work space, cutting-edge prototyping facilities, business support, funding and more to 350 members, as well as employability opportunities for hundreds of young people.

‘Makerversity has three objectives: to support the best emerging maker businesses, to inspire the next generation of creative and practical minds and to bring making back into the heart of the city.’

Tom talked demystifying creativity and keeping it simple. He covered seven topics: trust, leadership, passion, epiphanies, impact, language and thinking, all giving some alternative perspectives to help improve creativity.

We are comforted by certainty but we must understand that we are, and will remain, surrounded by mystery. You might have trouble understanding or explaining everything but by engaging with mystery we allow our lives to expand.

This morning was generously hosted by Yoomee.